About Ellen Season


Painting, drawing, and rearranging the room constantly, that is what kept me busy in my early years despite the fact my roommates didn’t appreciate it all the time.

Having a lack of creativity was not the issue, the funds however were, because of this obstacle the designs couldn’t leave the drawing board.

Creativity comes in many different forms, for that reason I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of advising different companies with their ‘creative marketing tactics’.
After years of consultancy I was ready to pick up the pencil once again in 2010, this time I had all the factors needed to professionally participate in the design industry.

My goal has always been to make my creativity come alive from a drawing to an actual product. By doing this I could provide my customers a specific style that would uniquely compliment their personal needs and desires.

Being the success that it is today is something I could only have dreamed of.

Every designer gets their inspiration from a multitude of different sources. For me it’s when I’m fully concentrated and traveling to the nicest, rarest exotic locations. From these places I am able to create the most unique and glamorous designs.

Please take a look at my products which are my creative vision on the exclusive lifestyle industry.