In development: Shell lounge bed “Shell We Lounge”

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The luxury and high profiled Shell We Lounge is a unique and high quality made lounge bed which is an asset to every environment.

This large unique shell shaped lounge bed is made for two persons to comfortably enjoy the sun.

The Shell We Lounge is 360° rotatable so it can be aimed at the sun at all times. It is also possible to adjust the upper side of the shell in different angles as you wish.
The quick drying and isolating mattress and pillows can be left on the bed, because even when the bed is closed they still stay tucked away stored perfectly.
Because the Shell We Lounge is anchored in to the ground, +- 2 cm / 1″ underneath the bottom of the shell, you will get the impression it is hovering.

The luxury designs of Ellen Season are recognizable from the high gloss white products which are made by hand in The Netherlands out of high quality polyester with a seamless finishing touch.

The high quality and durable polyester we use is colorfast, weather resistant, impact resistant and resists temperatures of -4.00°F up to +176°F.

Length: 230 cm / 90.55″
Width: 230cm / 90.55″
Height: 100 cm / 39.37″

Release date
This unique lounge bed is in development and therefore not yet available.
We anticipate the bed will be launched at the end of 2013.

Please contact me for more information.

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