Parasol Planter “Flowerpot”

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The Parasol Planter is the invention and main product which made it all happen for Ellen Season.
This high gloss white handmade Parasol Planter is an asset for every environment to cover up the parasol base.

How does it work?
The Parasol Planter is open at the bottom, which makes it possible to place it over a parasol base.

After you have removed your parasol out of your parasol base, you will place the Parasol Planter over your parasol base. Now you can put your parasol through the Parasol Planter back in to your parasol base.

You can fill the planter with soil and the flowers/plants you like.

Excessive water will be quickly drained away.

The luxury designs of Ellen Season are recognizable from the high gloss white products which are made by hand in The Netherlands out of high quality polyester with a seamless finishing touch.

The high quality and durable polyester we use is colorfast, weather resistant, impact resistant and resists temperatures of -4.00°F up to +176°F.

The hole in the Parasol Planter has a diameter of 9 cm (3.54″) to put your parasol through.

The depth of the planter is 17.5 cm (6,9”) and therefore easy to fill with soil and flowers/plants.

Width upper side: 62 cm / 39.76″
Width bottom: 51 cm / 24.41″
Height: 50 cm / 19.69″


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Parasol Planter “Square”
Parasol Planter “Round”
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